Wolfe Pen Creek Farm

WHat makes US Different than Other Farms ?


Pollination provided by our bees is one of the most important aspects of our whole farm. The sweet seasonal "clover and wild flower honey" they deliver to us, is an added bonus.

Our Chickens and Cows

Farm fresh and free range eggs, year around, along with nutrient rich organic matter added to our cultivated land allows for more organically grown produce.

Our Farmstead Cheese and Our Licensed Food Processing Facility

We have the ability to make and sell several value added products all made in small batch quantities just like your grandmother made at home.

"Dairy" products like Hard and Soft cheeses, Greek yogurts, drinkable yogurts and whole "cream on top" pasteurized unhomogenized milk.  Other value added farm products made in the commercial kitchen are Salsa's and Hot Sauces, Tortilla Soup and Texas Chili, all made from our farm fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, etc. For more information about our dairy and cheese offerings click here

Our Cottage Industry offerings

Jam's and Jellies, Breads and Dip Mixes are just some of the things we can produce from our home kitchen.

For more information about the Texas Cottage industry Law click here

The seeds of our farm started with our family  wanting to eat home grown non- pesticide treated fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle. Those seeds have now grown into a 5 acre - 450 tree "Fruit Orchard" and 2 acres (and growing)  of other fruits and vegetables.  We have also made many connections with other farmers in our local area that allow us to bring our customers some the freshest produce available. Pick your own Strawberries, and Blackberries.  We Pick Fresh fruit in Dallas, Peaches, blueberries, watermelons, plums and cantaloupes along with fresh vegetables tomatoes, peppers , squash, beans , peas , corn and our seasonal honey are available in the summertime with broccoli, lettuce , onions , kale, and cabbage available in the Spring and Fall.


We wanted to grow all of our plants in a sustainable way. We use two types of manure, and then compost it into a rich and chemical free garden amendment. We use only natural methods (no pesticides)or chemical fertilizers, but are not certified organic.

it all starts with a seed

Fresh Fruit in Dallas