Texas A&M Peaches - Breed by Texans, Grown by Texans, Eaten by Texans

Flat Delight One Peach- White Flesh, Low acid and donut shaped ( Mid May)

Flat Delight Two Peach- Sweet Yellow Flesh, and donut shaped (Late May)

White Delight Two Peach- White Flesh, Low acid (Mid-June)

Tropic Zest Four Peach- Yellow Flesh, Tangy sweet (Early June)

Royal Zest Three Peach- Yellow Flesh, Tangy (Mid June)

TexRoyal Peach- Yellow Flesh (Mid June)

Smooth Texan Two Nectarine- Tangy Sweet (Late May)

Smooth Texan Three Nectarine- Low Acid (Early June)

Other Peach Varieties:                                                                                        

Loring          Redglobe        Dixieland                                                          

Ranger         Cresthaven   Flavorich

June Gold     Elberta           Bounty          

Harvester     Big Red          Frank 

Flavorich      Galactica      Redskin      

Florida King   Jefferson    Monroe

La Feliciana   Belle of Georgia

Blueberries-Varies by year

June 1st - July 1st

Our Peach Varieties:

Allows us the ability to market and sell fresh locally produced peaches over an extended period of time during the summer months (May 15th thru August 15th)

Strawberries- Varies by year

April 1st - May 15th

Wolfe Pen Creek Farm


May 30th - July 1st